What is this?

Where did it come from?

You claim you didn’t do it.

But it must have been something that you’ve done

Because I’m addicted to your lovin’

Yes, the emotional stuff is lovely

But, I’m a prisoner to your anatomy

Because I love the feeling of my hands all over your body

Am I a nymphomaniac?

Because I want you to put me on my back?

When I think about you, see you, touch you…

I get this feeling in my stomach

After that, I can’t get my mind back on track

Me between your legs

You between mine…

Is always on my mind.

I think there’s a support group for this starting in November

A meeting for those who want to get over…

Oh no…your name I dare not say

Because in doing so, it reminds me of the way

You used to make my body sway

You can be the R, and I will be the B

Together we create smooth sounds and rhythmic beats

Our love making is like a sweet melody

We create the perfect harmony

I mean…the way you make my legs shake…

…if I was a vegetarian…

Just to have you on top of me, I swear I’d eat a steak

You’d make me commit the original sin

I’d be Eve and you’d be that persistent little snake

The intensity of a one night stand is the kind of love I want to make

No inhibitions–making the walls sweat and the bed shake

And then, do it all again once we’re awake

I shouldn’t be thinking like this

My mind shouldn’t always be on the way you kiss

How sweet it is to taste your lips

How our tongues move likes waves tossing ships

How our bodies do the same in each other’s grips

Like darkness comes during an eclipse

So my mind shuts down when you grab my hips

I get wet with just the thought of you touching me that way

And I think about it all day

Through breakfast, classes, and lunch…

I can’t quite put my finger on it,

But I have a hunch

That it could be your eyes

Your lips and how they release the cries

The cries that make you tighten your thighs

The ones that tell me that your body never lies

I love it so much because you’re the best I’ve ever had

Our deep love and physical pleasure combined makes me think

We’ve shared the best times when we were scantly clad

Just having you next to me

Makes me want you so bad

The feel of your breath, the sound of your heart

If sexual gratification was a school, you’d be a grad

And here you are, next to me again

But my feelings I must learn to tame

I’m trying to get over the physicality what our love became

So don’t even touch me or say me name

Cause if you do, then you are to blame

Because if it wasn’t for you, then I wouldn’t be able to claim

That I’m addicted to your lovin’

-Myeshia Price